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Day in and day out people work on many things. Most of the time the work is overlooked. Still the human being work under the expectation that one fine day some one some where will take notice. Taking notice brings along the two different possibilities, of encouragement and criticism. Encouragement is good as it gives the satisfaction for the hard work put into it. On the other hand criticism gives the urge to work harder to make things better. Hence I support both. This is the reason, I would be more than happy when you leave some comments on the guest book. You can add entry into the guest book by clicking Add Entry. You can view the present guest book by clicking View . Thank you again for visiting my website and finding time to sign my guest book. Please use the guest book, only for writing comments. If you have some questions/queries either use the forum or write me an email. ( I would prefer that you use the forum, so that others asking the same question can straight away get the answer). I strongly detest SPAM and hence I prefer using SPAM filters for my mailbox, so please do not bother spamming me.