Picture Gallery

In the journey of life, day in and day out we cross different paths. Every path has got memories attached to them. Picture Gallery is one small attempt to capture some of these moments on film or should I say "digital memory". Pictures can evoke very powerful emotions, as well as put one's mind in a very unique perceptive state

Clicking pictures has somehow been a hobby which passed from generation to generation with Vyom recently joining the bandwagon of enjoying clicking photos.

In the past various cameras have been used as we moved into enjoying the fun of modern photography world. These included the likes of Yashica point to shoot cameras and Nikon F55 to start with and moving to the digital bandwagon with the likes of HP Photosmart 215, Nikon Coolpix 2000 , Olympus Camedia C740UZ and Olympus E500 Digital SLR. Since 2012 most of the photos are taken using Canon EOS 600D with a Tamron 18-270 lens . Ofcourse who can forget our handy iPhone camera .

Photographs are something which definitely gives a lot of insight into one's life. When this on end is a good picture of oneself , on the other end brings along the question of privacy in ones life. This triggered the Mukerjee family to separate the picture gallery into Public  and Private pictures. Please access the same from the Submenu "Public Domain" and "Private Domain"  in the left.

The Public pictures still remains open for normal public viewing irrespective of if they do come in contact with the Mukerjee family in any way or not.

The Private pictures are more meant for some special people (Family and Friends). This under no circumstance means that I do not respect the other visitors to my site. It is just that some family and friends albums should be left for family and close friends only. These Pictures in the private domain need Username and Password to access. If you think you deserve to fall in that elite class of people in my respect and still don't have the password, please feel free to fire a short e-mail and I would send you the necessary details. 

As the number of photographs are increasing with my movement of fingers ( read clicking of the button), I thought it is best to organise the photographs into years they were clicked. 

Please write a comment if you like the pictures or even if you don't like the pictures .